New Beers Resolution?

Long time no see, Beer Lovers!

It’s that time of year – the time for New Year’s Resolutions. Did you think of any new goals to shape your 2018? Or maybe one of those resolutions found you. (Yes – I can be thought provoking at times)

I feel that you deserve an explanation for my recent absence. I have been battling with some health issues – which has unearthed some rather difficult feelings – and most importantly – resulted in questioning my relationship with beer.

Are you ready for this…? I promise there is a happy ending.

After some routine doctor’s appointments, I got some pretty alarming news – I have a serious bacterial lung virus. I was shocked and slightly terrified – but remained relatively calm until I saw a specialist. The doctor proceeded to tell me with great certainty, I would be forced to take a hiatus from alcohol for the better part of 2018. I was heartbroken. I actually felt tears well up in my eyes.

In all fairness – my first thought was, how am I going to be a sober beer blogger & bartender? My second thought being, how on Earth am I going to date in New York City sober?

I was caught off-guard. I knew I had to put my health first, but could help but feel anger growing inside me. Upon telling friends and family – the most common reaction was “I’m so sorry” – and not about the Tuberculosis diagnosis, but about not being able to drink until September. (The second most common response was, “Oh my god – are you contagious!?” Which – in my case – the answer is no if you are at all curious.)

Anyway, after eating a very large vegan mint chip ice cream sundae, and having my first solo movie theatre experience – I was ready to stop feeling sorry for myself and process. I have the tendency to believe that almost everything happens for a reason. I began to look for a way to make this unfortunate situation become something meaningful – dare I say “positive.” And more than anything else – I started to question my relationship with beer.

With all that is happening in the modern world – I felt disgusted that my immediate reaction to giving up alcohol was tears. I had just found out that I have a serious health condition – but I was more concerned about how I would go on a date sober? Priorities.  

Disclaimer: I am neither saying I have Alcohol Dependence nor making any kind of judgements or comparisons to those who identify with Alcoholism. I am merely being open about my thoughts and feelings regarding my relationship with alcohol.

I do not drink every single day – nor do I drink for the sole reason to get intoxicated – but my daily live does revolve around drinking. Beer is not only a contributing factor to why my savings account is rather pathetic – but a hobby that takes up a great deal of my time. I am now forced to come to terms with the fact that I would be much wealthier, productive, and probably healthier if I quit drinking. This was particularly difficult to digest.

I must have had some leftover Karma or whatever you wish to call it. After some additional testing – I received the news that my original test results were likely a false positive, therefore, I do not have Tuberculosis – Thank You, Beer Gods!

And while I am relieved that I am healthy and do not have to wait until Oktoberfest 2018 to have another beer – this traumatizing experience has left me with many questions about my priorities.

But I promised you a happy ending, right? For anyone who made it all the way here – I am headed to Austin, Texas today for a little celebratory beer vacation. Any and all recommendations are highly encouraged and appreciated 🙂

Brewing Beauty ❤



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