Beer Street <3

If it’s a Tinder date, catching up with a friend, or just drinking alone – Beer Street is the perfect bar for all of the above.

I am disappointed it has taken me this long to write a post about one of my favorite bars in Brooklyn. This Zagat-rated, cozy, craft beer bar is located on Graham Avenue in Williamsburg. I honestly take anyone and everyone here – and when I am not enjoying a brew at their bar, I am probably telling someone we should go…

From Grimm to Common Roots to Kiuchi – Beer Street never disappoints me with their 10 rotating taps & extensive bottle selection. While they do not offer samples or flights – they do offer 4oz pours (as well as 8oz/16oz pours) so you can try everything on tap without breaking the bank.

Like Tørst and many others, Beer Street is very easy to walk right by due to their discrete store front. And for this reason – it never feels overly crowded or rowdy. I often find myself escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city here – and having a great beer conversation with my friends and/or the lovely bartenders.

Oh also – fun fact – their bathroom always smells super fresh like pine needles and it is awesome 🙂

Some of my recent favorites found at Beer Street:
Tin Cup by Burial Beer Co. – Sweet Stout – 5% ABV
Purgatory by Greenpoint Beer – Indian Pale Ale – 7% ABV
Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale by Kiuchi – Pale Ale – 7% ABV
Mango Pop by Grimm – Sour – 4.8% ABV


Brewing Beauty ❤

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