3 Beer Press Recipes for Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Who’s ready for one of America’s favorite drinking holiday weekends? In other countries, Memorial Day is often spent in quiet reflection of the soldiers that have fought and died for their country. But in the US – we have outdoor parties and get wasted on cheap, watered down beer 😉

Created just for you – here are 3 Beer Press recipes to impress your friends and up the quality of your beer for all your Memorial Day celebrations.

For those who have not heard of a beer press – it is the infusion of flavors (fruits, herbs, etc.) into a beer using a french press. I would suggest letting the beer infuse for at least 5 minutes before pressing and serving.

Beer presses give you the ability to change unpreferable characteristics of your beer and/or add flavors to increase complexity – not to mention they look pretty and are perfect for spring, right? Enjoy!

  1. Pale Ale infused with Peach and Rosemary 

    I used Aged Pale Ale from Petrus (7.3% ABV) which had a particularly liquor-y aroma. I decided to sweeten up the Ale and reduce the alcoholic smell to make the ale much lighter and fresher.

    Beer Press:
    – Half a peach muddles
    – Half a sprig of rosemary

    After seeping for about 5 minutes – pour into a serving glass adding a thinly cut strawberry and a sprig of rosemary!


  2.  Cider infused with strawberries and edible flowers

    I used a particularly citrusy cider by Downeast called Summer Blend (4.5% ABV). This combo added a bit of sweetness to the cider, and the smell of fresh flowers added the perfect spring element.

    Beer Press:
    – 6 muddled strawberries
    – 4-5 edible flowers

    Again seeping for at least 5 minutes – pour into a serving glass adding edible flowers and a strawberry garnish.


  3.  Gose infused with blackberries and lavendar

    Used a sour gose by Toøl for this one – To Hollywood (3.8% ABV) which was great on it’s own – but very tart. This recipe really cut down the tartness and added a fresh and easy to drink element.

    Beer Press:
    – 7 muddled blackberries
    – 2 stems of lavender

    Infuse for 5 minutes and pour into a serving glass and add a handful of blackberries a charred stem of lavender


Thoughts, comments, feedback? I always want to hear from you ❤


Brewing Beauty ❤

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