Tired Hands Fermentaria

After waiting entirely too long to visit Tired Hands Brewing Company – I left with a hoppy heart and an empty wallet. Just a 2-hour train ride from New York City – Tired Hands is right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in Ardmore.

Little did I know, they have 2 locations in walking distance of one another – the Fermentaria & Brew Café. You can check out each individual tap list & food menu online for your preference – but we decided on the Fermentaria.

Rest assured that no beer was wasted nor left behind for this post – I drank the entire draft list…

I’ll start by saying I was thoroughly impressed by this brewery – as I was prepared to be. Sometimes my expectations get the best of me, but I was far from disappointed. From the large open floorplan with views of their stainless steel fermenters to the delicious Mexican flair food menu to the impressive hoppy beer list – this place was my perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. (Full beer list attached below!)

Side Note: As I have mentioned in my review of  Jack’s Abby – young parents and their children are filling Breweries and Beer Pubs where ever I go – and Tired Hand’s Fermentaria was no exception. For more on this, check out my friend Craft Beer Joe‘s article on “Do Kids Belong in a Taproom?”

While flights are not offered in the Fermentaria, you can continually order 4-ounce pours of any beer on the list – which is exactly what we did. 8-ounce and 16-ounce pours are also available for most beers – along with growler fills.
Note: They only fill their beer with Tired Hands branded growlers – however, if you feel so inclined to bring in your own growler – they will trade you 🙂 

Tacos come 2 to an order, so we split the “Rajas con crema” and spicier “Lamb barbacoa” – both of which I recommend. Hands down, the winner of the day was the Enhanced Psychic Damage an Enhanced IPA at 7.4% ABV. Pair this (or any of their IPAs) with an order of their churros at the end of your meal, and if you’re not completely in love with this place – you can personally complain to me.


Brewing Beauty ❤


ps. Since I tasted everything – I decided to rank the entire list – enjoy!

1. Enhanced Psychic Damage – Enhanced IPA7.4% ABV
2. Half Human, Not Beast – IPA6.7% ABV
3. Rust & Decay II – Sour Brown Ale – 6.9% ABV
4. Professional Network – Pale Ale 5.1% ABV 
5. Brain Teaser – Double Dry Hopped Blonde Ale4.8% ABV
6. Hutch – American Pale Ale6.0% ABV 
7. Equally as Transparent – IPA5.9 ABV 
8. Hop Hands – American Pale Ale 5.5% ABV
9. Trendler Pilsner – Keller Pilsner5.6% ABV 
10. Saison Hands – Saison 4.8% ABV 



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