BoK Apparel – Created by Beer Lovers for Beer Lovers

After scanning a few dozen beer hashtags, looking for new beer accounts to follow on Insta,  I came across BoK Apparel. I instantly fell in love with their beer designs, and I purchased the Zombie Hand Crop Top on the spot – I am obsessed. While the masterminds behind the company chose to remain anonymous, they were kind enough to answer a few questions about BoK, beer, Boston, and more. Enjoy, my beer friends!

How did you come up with the idea of BoK apparel? 

My background is in Business Management but I’ve always been involved with creative endeavors. I minored in Music in college and I draw in my free time. I use BoK as an outlet for my creativity while dealing in the business world. I started [BoK Apparel] a few years ago based on the amazing craft beer community here in Boston. As many people in the Boston area know, we are surrounded by a large number of fantastic breweries with incredible communal atmospheres. If you’ve ever been to the Trillium‘s Canton location, you’ll see it first hand. Families come with their children and dogs to enjoy the food trucks and tasting room. The energy is something unparalleled to anything else in Boston. A group of friends and myself attended an Oktoberfest beer event held by Blue Hills Brewery in the Blue Hills, and I was waxing poetic about the day. Someone said, “What are you? ShakesBEER?” That became a running joke, which evolved into the Shakesbeer Shirt. [After wearing] this to various events, people started asking where they could get one. Before I knew it, BoK Apparel was born.


What inspires your designs? 

We develop the designs in-house based on our experiences. Whether it’s at a brewery, restaurant, or just enjoying the latest roll out from Night Shift at home – there is always ideas popping.

Tell me more about Brewmaster Bill and his love for DIPAs 🙂

We all know a Brewmaster Bill. He knows every brewery, every new release, and the next big brewery. We view him as a Sommelier for beer, a Beermmelier you may say (we know they’re actually called Cicerones all you Bills out there). One of my friends, who’s a full on BB, loves to ask the bartender for their recommendation which is a trap for any unknowing bartender. If the recommendation is BB approved then BB is happy. If not, the bartender is in for a dissertation. That’s where the Brewmaster Bill shirt came to life. We wanted to invoke our love for the latest dankest brews with an announcement to anyone who see’s the shirt. We also encourage anyone who owns the “BB” shirt to take a picture with their latest recommendation and we post it to our Instagram. We hope this can bring all out Brewmasters together.


Favorite style of beer? Favorite Boston craft brewery? 

Currently, my favorite style is the hazy DIPAs that have taken the craft beer scene by storm. Generally, I fluctuate between IPAs and Stouts depending on the season. Our favorite breweries here in Boston are Trillium and Nightshift. I feel like those are the two leading the Boston marketplace at the moment. The North East has been doing some great things whether you head up to Maine and go to Maine Beer Co and Bissell Bros, or you take a ride to New York and enjoy Singlecut & Finback,  or Tired Hands [in Philly].

Where can we purchase your designs?

You can get your gear at, and always check our Instagram @Bok_Apparel for our latest designs (new designs are planned for released this summer! I’m especially talking to my female beer lovers *wink*). Follow us on Twitter @BoKWear and on Untappd at Bok_Apparel. Show them some love ❤

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Brewing Beauty ❤


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