Oktoberfest 2017 – Under $2k

With absolutely no regret – I very very happily announce I will be partaking in Oktoberfest 2017 in Munich, Germany! There will also be adventures in London, Berlin, & Copenhagen. I also have a $2k budget for the entire trip – accommodations, airfare, food, etc. – sounds crazy, right?

This is not my first trip to Europe – but it will be my first trip to the UK, Germany, and Denmark. I am filled with excitement, and I am thrilled to share my journey with you all 🙂 Also – if anyone has secrets, tips, must-sees or must-drinks, I am all ears!

First of many Budget Travel Tips

You will have to make (s0me) sacrifices…

When on a tight budget – you will need to have priorities. If it’s a direct flight, expensive meals, or nice hotel rooms – I encourage you to pick what is most important for your trip. Because my priority is to enjoy the food & drink of each location – I decided to sacrifice the extra cost of reserved seats on my flights, bringing a checked bag, staying in hotels, etc.

To save money for the rest of the trip – I snagged the cheapest flight I could find – a red-eye to London, England on a Wednesday. This one-way ticket was $195 for economy class – but came without a seat reservation, food, or baggage charge. I did, however, pay the extra $12 a flight for insurance. My flight home from Copenhagen was only slightly more expensive at $215 – but gives us the whole day Denmark before getting back in NYC the same night due to the time difference.

Both flights are through Norweigan Airlines. I already knew about Norweigan’s great deals through a photo shoot in Oslo, but Google Flights is also an excellent way to find the least expensive flights.

Plan your adventure 6 months in advance

This is a tip I have read from many other bloggers – but I cannot emphasize it enough. By giving yourself 6 months to plan, you not only get the best flight prices but also get the proper time to research train tickets, restaurants, accommodations and more. Especially if you plan to stay in major cities during a peak time like Oktoberfest – you will get the best deals and locations on AirBnB’s or hostels if you book in advance.

When first looking into Oktoberfest 2017 – I found $700+ on a 12+ hour connecting flight to Frankfurt, Germany. I would have also had to pay for a 3-5 hour train to Munich. If we bought the tickets 3 months from now – the ticket prices would likely be much higher.

Travel in groups

While doing a solo Eurotrip sounds exciting – there is time and money to be saved by traveling in groups. Not only do you get to split cabs and private hostel rooms/AirBnB’s – you also get a lot of help with research on attractions, restaurants, and more.

Hostels are great for budget travelers – but if you don’t want to worry constantly about all your possessions – a split AirBnB is well worth it! This is your vacation after all 🙂

Stay tuned for more budget travel tips!

Cheers! (And for my German folk, Prost!)

Brewing Beauty ❤

One thought on “Oktoberfest 2017 – Under $2k”

  1. I really enjoyed your post! Ill actually be heading on a european trip in a couple of months, Ill be hitting Germany, France and London and I definitely cant wait! Going to oktoberfest in Germany sounds awesome though! Cheers from the BTBT crew

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