Quench your Thirst @ Tørst NYC

This weekend we were blessed with incredibly warm weather for February in New York City – 60 degrees – woohoo! So, of course, I sat indoors on my phone, googling where to get a drink for approximately 20 minutes before I found Tørst – a Danish beer bar in Greenpoint (Tørst directly translates to thirst in case you were curious.)

With Google’s $$$$ – I was slightly nervous to try this spot out – but the beer list quickly calmed my nerves with Grimm, Jack’s Abbey, Tired Hands, and Evil Twin – just to name a few.

We honestly almost walked right past the bar at first – even after several google map checks – as I am cursed with zero sense of direction. As the outside has no branding what-so-ever, they must know their target market comes here with intent.

Seating by their large open window was already full – so we settled for a nice seat in the corner that had just a bit of window light. I love that the beers are listed lightest to darkest – alway my preference when skimming menus. Also – as beers get tapped – a bartender walks around and stamps your menu with a red “sold out” – which is a nice little reminder to drink up.

The bartenders really made the experience that much better. Upon asking “are there 4 or 5 beers in a flight?” He answered with a genuine smile, “you can order as many beers as you want.” And after choosing my top 5, to my complete surprise, there was no flight set at all – but rather sizable pours into their branded wine glasses.

Shown pictured below (in order) :

Technicolor Splendor – Tired Hands (PA) Double IPA 8% ABV
Mr. BlueberryHighway Manor (PA) – Sour 5.2% ABV
No HeroEvil Twin (Denmark) – Oatmeal Stout 7% ABVU
Sumi ZestGrimm (NY) – Imperial Stout 11.5% ABV
YinEvil Twin (Denmark) – Dry Imperial Stout 10% ABV

All paired with their 3 cheese plate with olives and multi-grain bread – pictured above 🙂

Many beers on their daily list I have not been able to find anywhere else in NYC to date. I was impressed by their service and selection – and due to their price tag and discrete location – the place was never overly loud, rowdy, or crowded – which was the perfect way to enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon. Cheers!

For tasting notes on the above beers – friend me on Untappd @brewing_beauty 🙂



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